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Right after Sunset's Return?!? by JusSonic! Enjoy~!


Flare Tiger groaned as walked into the office with grump due her headaches as sighed when she’s sat down on the chair then looked at the e-mail with smiled. She’s clicked on the Opened the first e-mail and read;

Hey Rainbow Dash here,

1. As far as bending goes, I would love to use the Fire kind. Nothing like shooting arsenal of destruction on my enemies.

2. 'B.E.T.S.?' Mind being more specific?

3. Until I say when.

Now for my own questions...

1. What did you do to Firmtect Waller? Pinkie told me that she said something about your back.

2. What is this Freddy game that I keep hearing about? Pinkie was screaming at the top of her longs for some reason.

3. Between you and me, what were you and Ben talking about anyway?

Until next time, Rainbow Dash!

Flare Tiger nodded and typed;

To Rainbow Dash,

The B.E.T.S. stand for Bending Elements’ Techniques School, it’s about teaching different kinds of the bending techniques but also different kinds of the elements by used the nature. Many of them are bending arts and they’re were rare to find or they’re were founded by Mystic Ponies who learning their own and understand them, but in mah case, Ah didn’t traveling in Mystic Realm until now, Ah did pick up mah knowledge came from the world called “Avatar World” is where the bending arts can be found there like Ah told everyone about Toph who birth the Earth-bending and founder of the Metal-bending, now as for mah answers to the questions…

1. Ah’m bit pissed off when she’s think of like she’s closed the door on me for no reasons as didn’t checks the reports that’s Ah brought for Lord Jade. She’s said “something about ignore me, and she’s don’t care who Ah was and where Ah was. Ah’m no threat to her.” She’s did said “whatever that’s Ah said, don’t believe me as she’s don’t buy what’s Ah had to said.” She’s make sound like Ah’m really useless since she’s didn’t knew that’s Ah’m hold Element of the Dimension, remember?
2. …Ah’m not sure… Did ya figure out what’s she’s meant…or still random?...

3. Ah had a crazy sense about Ben’s Curious over the father-figure as Ah decided to remind him, the promise that’s he and his mother make. Ah had to explained to him that’s if Ah were his mother, Ah would afraid of what’s he think of me. Ah had to make him a Pinkie Promise for his mother’s sake, it’s about the revealing from only his mother. Not from everyone who spoke of him as only his mother who knew of his father’s life. Ah had no speak of it. Sorry…

Now for questions;

1. How ya’ felt about ya’ pain in the headaches?

2. What’s last thing ya’ do remember?

3. What’s ya’ favorite games? Ya know, the sports?

4. What’s ya opinions on Sunset Shimmer? Detail!

From Flare Tiger

P.S. If ya want to learning, then come over! Ah may had the histories to teaching, but also teaching the Bending Arts and Specialized Bending Techniques. Ah can teach ya about Fire-bending but with bonus is the Seismic Sense, it’s very useful when sense around ya.

Flare Tiger nodded as clicked on the Send a e-mail away. Flare Tiger sighed as closed the laptop down as walked toward to the bed then lay down when she’s asleep.

~Flare Tiger’s Dream~

Flare Tiger stocked when she’s saw Grimmore appeared nowhere as she’s looked around and noticed Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, CMC, Dragons, Comet Star, Ben Mare, and Flash Sentry along with Sunset Shimmer. Flare Tiger could see Sunset Shimmer sadness when Grimmore laughed loudly in evil with thunder clashes.

Grimmore grinned, “Now… Your decided in this choose of your, fate of your world or erase your memoires of Shadow Dragon and your battle with Devil Destroyer!”

Sunset Shimmer sighed, “I don’t want lost my world to him… Do it… Erase the memoires…”

Ben Mare sighed, “We won’t remember, I know, but we’ll discover the truth another time. Right now, the stakes are too high!”

Twilight Sparkle shouted, “We agree! Erase our memories of our enemies from today!”

Now the cloud form of Grimmore lowered his right hand to point the index finger; as it let off a bright white light that created a supernova burst. The shockwave scattered around, effected everyone’s bodies to be feeling an electrical shock, even machines like Omega felt like his hard drive was losing the memory of today. And even Pinkamena felt like something was messing with her memory ability to recall stuff, the past of learning Shadow Dragon’s disguise as Chase was…gone! The rays scattered to affect anyone that got wind of Shadow Dragon being Chase, to keep the secret from being known…for now. And once it was over, everyone fell on the ground, looking like easy prey, but the Overlord King smiled evilly in seeing that such a welcoming he’ll pass, he’s done his part.

“Rest well, heroes, for now you will be given more challenges ahead. Survive…if you can….” Grimmore declared forth this message of what shall happen, the road ahead is still so dangerous and the heroes will need plenty of luck to survives. “Whah-hah-hah-hah-hah-Haaahhh….” He lets off a dark laughter that is heard within the air that shakes the very plain of the Rainbow Kingdom.

Flare Tiger could tell the fade into darkness as realized it, the memory erase Spell as Flare Tiger gasped and growling until heard someone familiar.

“Wake up, Flare Tiger Wake up!!!”

~Flare Tiger's Dream End~

In Reality, Flare Tiger bolt up in gasped and stocked as looked around and saw Iris Crystal as she’s was worried, but not only her, her family was crowd around her bed.

Iris Crystal asked, “Are you’re okay?”

Flare Tiger panted, “Eeyup, the dream…was mah memory…”

They’re gasped in surprised as Flare Tiger told the story of what’s happened to her and them as Iris Crystal nodded with worried. When Flare Tiger finished, they’re hugged her and with sighed in relaxing as noticed Iris Crystal who deeply thought as Comet Star spoke, “Pennies on your thought?”

Iris Crystal nodded, “Yes, of what’s Grimmore used the powerful spell that’s no one dare to remember not even my mother, my father, and my aunt or even powerful casters can get the memories back, however, about Flare Tiger… Which surprised me that’s she had a mystery ability to kept it’s without Grimmore’s noticed.”

Flare Tiger nodded, “Ah remember, mah counter-human explained that’s one, she’s told me that’s rare for anyone who never loss their memory if it’s in order to never forget…”

Iris Crystal smiled, “I agreed, I’m glad… It’s able connection with Shadow Dragon…”

Flare Tiger grinned, “Eeyup.”

They’re laughed together as wonder what’s is next plans to doing as Flare Tiger looked at the window with grim felt when Iris Crystal noticed.

Iris Crystal spoke, “Flare Tiger?”

Flare Tiger sighed, “Ah need informant this to Pinkamena since she’s hide very well as Ah need tell her about it, Ah guess she’s might loss her memory, too as Grimmore knew of her ability but not me. Ah had to tell her about it. Ah promise ya, Ah will be careful this time.”

Iris Crystal nodded as hugged Flare Tiger, “Please… Be careful…”

Flare Tiger smiled and hugged back to Iris Crystal as sighed with smiled.
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