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Time-Traveling Past, Rescue Iris Crystal!


Flare Tiger couldn't figure out what is go on, Iris Crystal told her the tale, now want her figure out! Flare Tiger realized that's her element of the dimension; Time, which it's cried out as Flare Tiger knew it. Most ponies see Flare Tiger as adult, but she's really filly however, Flare Tiger decided to try playing it out by following the story that Iris Crystal told her. Flare Tiger cast her time-traveling, to where Iris Crystal lived with Dragon Hope for peaceful life. Flare Tiger jumping in as she's soar through it until she's reach to end of the time-traveling. Flare Tiger land in the forest and looked around.

Flare Tiger think, 'Okay, now all Ah need find way to the house where Granny used to live...'

Flare Tiger remember the village that Iris Crystal told her, the village named New Hattan as she flew head to the village, cast herself being Pegasus, so nopony knew that alicorn is coming visit. Flare Tiger land the ground as walked around and saw somepony that she didn't met before, Dragon Hope. Flare Tiger knew it, Iris Crystal explained what he's looked like, and she found him but decided leave it. Flare Tiger walked and found the little house as Flare Tiger noticed something from forests, the shadows' moved.

Flare Tiger knew it, it's Drake and his minions as she trotted around the houses as looked around to make sure nopony saw her. Flare Tiger cast her time-freeze as everypony's moved become froze and didn't move one inches. Flare Tiger uncast her hidden into a Alicorn as trotted to the small and ancient restaurant-like and saw young Iris Crystal.

Flare Tiger uncast on Iris Crystal to moved as Iris Crystal was stocked and confused, then look at her surround then saw everypony's froze. Iris Crystal noticed Flare Tiger as Iris Crystal jump back and put her fighting mode up.

Iris Crystal demand, "I want know what hay go on!!! Who are you!?! Are you're spy?!?"

Flare Tiger answers, "Calm down, Ah' Pinkie Promise to explained everything to you, not mah reveal, but Ah'm Blaze Phoenix, and no, Ah'm not spy, Ah'm here to rescue ya."

Iris Crystal realized that's Flare Tiger said Pinkie Promise then Iris Crystal calmed down as sighed.

Iris Crystal sighed, "Tell me, what hay go on? Please?"

Flare Tiger nodded and point at the shadow of the forest as Iris Crystal could look at.

Flare Tiger asked, "What's ya see?"

Iris Crystal answers, "All I see was figure of the pony right there."

Flare Tiger smiled, "Good! That's pony is Drake."

Iris Crystal stocked, "What! Oh, I has teach that Drake..."

Flare Tiger stopped Iris Crystal as Flare Tiger exclaimed, "NO!"

Iris Crystal asked, "Why you're stop me?"

Flare Tiger asked, "Do ya want messed with Timeline?"

Iris Crystal calmed, "Explain."

Flare Tiger sighed, "The timeline, is something ya didn't want messed with, if ya messed with it, ya will lost somepony ya hold dear. Is it's Azure Phoenix? Princess Celestia? Or... Is it's Dragon Hope?"

Iris Crystal realize that Flare Tiger had right point, to messed the timeline, which cost her happiness which she held her dears who will lost forever.

Iris Crystal sighed, "Okay... I promise to not messed it, please, tell me how I could solve it without loss other?"

Flare Tiger nervous, "Ah don't think ya like this planned..."

Iris Crystal demand, "Tell me..."

Flare Tiger sighed, "Then first thing is... Clone of yaself."

Flare Tiger cast the clone spell on Iris Crystal and able fixed it, due Flare Tiger looked through and saw something in Iris Crystal, the unborn foal, Flare Tiger knew it, the future is lie in her hoof. Flare Tiger managed created clone of Iris Crystal and add the casts on the clone; the spell of the mirror, to block the truth and reminded the matched memories of Iris Crystal. Flare Tiger explained to the clone as it's nodded as it's stand there like froze, when Flare Tiger uncast the time-freeze, the clone will move like nothing.

Flare Tiger sighed, "Come with me."

Flare Tiger lead real Iris Crystal to the mountain as hidden behind it. Due time they're arrived then Flare Tiger did uncast as turned to Iris Crystal.

Flare Tiger asked, "Had ya heard of Grimmore?"

Iris Crystal nodded, "I had heard of him from my father."

Flare Tiger sighed, "All ya need is let Dragon Hope go..."

Iris Crystal stocked, "WHAT! No, no, no! I refused!"

Flare Tiger explained, "Please, it's only way, to saved yaself and ya' unborn foal..."

Iris Crystal stocked, "I have a foal? When you found it out?"

Flare Tiger smiled, "Due Ah cast on ya, the clone spell, lucky, Ah didn't cast on the foal, so nopony knew that clone had it. So, tell me, what ya want, head back to being death, or, go to the mystery island, called Digitrisland and have a new life with ya' foal?"

Iris Crystal did think, a deep thought as something she didn't exclaimed this as she remember that Dragon Hope want her to be live, not death.

Iris Crystal answers, "I don't know, but I do know one thing, my lover, Dragon Hope, didn't want me being died right front of him. Then I must go to this 'Digitrisland' and have a new life with my foal."

Flare Tiger nodded, "Wise choose, then follow me, ah know where the port might be and which ship ya need sail on."

Iris Crystal smiled, "Lead on, Blaze Phoenix."

Flare Tiger guide Iris Crystal to the port as Iris Crystal jump on right ship that's sail Iris Crystal to Digitrisland, her new home as Iris Crystal looked back at Flare Tiger.

Iris Crystal smiled, "Oh, how I could being happiness for this, thank you Blaze Phoenix, tell me, what you want me do?"

Flare Tiger chuckled, "Ya can tell ya' great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter, the story of how Ah rescue ya. The rest is up to ya."

Iris Crystal stocked and smiled, "That's long great, then I should bid farewell to you!"

As the ship moved, Iris Crystal watched at Flare Tiger as Flare Tiger watched her Granny go then smile. Flare Tiger cast her time-traveling, led her to home of her right time. Flare Tiger jump in and traveling until she reached the end of the traveling. Flare Tiger land right front of her home as Flare Tiger ran in the house and looked for Iris Crystal. Flare Tiger found Iris Crystal and jump at her as hugged her with looked at Iris Crystal.

Flare Tiger laughed, "That's Blaze Phoenix was ME!"

Iris Crystal nodded, "Yes, it's true, my favorite granddaughter!"

They hugged each other and laughed when Flare Tiger hopping around with big scream, 'Blaze Phoenix's me!'


Next story, how's Flare Tiger and her Great(Nine-time) Grandfather met Captain Jack Silver! Let's find out later!
Ah can't wait writing next story, however, Ah did request for nigel5469 about Iris Crystal's son, name this pony. Anyone out there, does not taken this request, please it's only for nigel5469. Ah had to wait for his working finished. Sorry.
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